Welcome to Swastik Fastners - the leading bonding fastener distributor.

Swastik Fastners
is one of the leading reputed, high profile Unit engaged in Trading & Manufacturing of quality fasteners in India since 1986. We supply our products to many more esteemed ISO 9001 companies in India.

The Company with the most comprehensive product line and inventory position and the largest distribution facility network, Swastik Fastners enable customers to improve inventory turnover, maximize the use of warehouse space and reduce/eliminate the stocking of slow-moving or obsolete material.

Swastik Fastners established in the year 1986 is a leading manufacturer of premium quality fasteners such as Bolts, Nuts, Anchor-Fasteners, Washers, Circlips, Allen keys, Cotter Pins and Eye Bolts. We manufacturer special Fasteners as per our customers' requirements. Our soul aim is to provide quality products to industries.

Our quality fasteners act as a dependable mechanical joining system, providing high load-distributing anchorages for various designs of composite or plastic mouldings as well as many other substrates requiring secure and reliable assembly.

Where quality is a matter of trust, our policy is to satisfy our esteemed customers to their entire satisfaction regarding Quality.
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